Where and When

to Marcy Howard

I guess, your voice, is silent now, But, maybe, I’ll hear it again,
The only problem, that I have, is wondering, about when,
Wish, you, could overlook, events, in the past,
Give forever, half a chance, to see, if it, will last.
Can, this heart, hold on, to yours, even, in the night,
Or will you, push me away, to overcome, your fright,
It seems, at times, I can not see, the forest, through, the trees,
What good, is the faith, I have, if my, heart’s, the one, who sees.
I wish, at times, I could forget, the magic, of her touch,
Will.the memories, overcome, or will, they be, to much,
There, is a path, that leads, to her, Is it, something, I will find,
Or is it, just, a fantasy, from, my heart and mind.
It seems, somewhere, she lost her faith, but she, had no way, to say,
There were things, she held inside, and those things, got in the way,
Does this time, strengthen me, to wait, for her again,
As I know, she’ll come back, to me, but I wonder, where and when.
Though, I love her, dearly, without her, I’m incomplete,
And forever, is in, lost and found, if the past, we can’t defeat,
My arms, are open wide, to her, no matter, what the cost,
All I ask, is that, where and when, is never, ever, lost.



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