Wind and Rain

to Marcy Howard

As, a gentle wind;whispers, through the trees,
Listen closely, to it’s sound;it’s a thought, straight from me,
As the trees, gently move;my thoughts, reach out to you,
While, it travels, many miles;because, thats, what love, can do.
And as, the wind, moves your hair;and you push it, back in place,
As, that wind, moves over you;it’s just me, caressing your face,
And if, the wind, carries rain;look up, to the sky,
For, every rain drop, that falls down;are the tears, from my eye.
Wind and rain, can take you to;a place, not long ago,
When shelter, was, in your arms;and of love, we said we know,
As, all of us, surely know;that rain, will sometime end,
Yet, the breeze, forever blows;love, won’t break, but it will bend.
Listen closely, to that wind;it’s my voice, whispering to you,
Soon, the sun, will shine again;as forever, we walk through,
The rain, is just, my falling tears;the wind, a whisper, in your ear,
Constant reminders, love is real;with the subtle fragrance, of pears,
Don’t, let weather, bring you down;let it, fill you, with glee,
For, no matter, what may occur;you’re always, loved, by me,
While, the storms, may rage, outside;it’s me, voicing thoughts, of you,
And no matter, what the weather does, it’s just me, loving you.
           Love lives.Forever!!!!!love



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