to Marcy Howard

Words, sometimes, bring healing, yet, at times, they can destroy,
As your heart’s, defenses, you readily deploy,
Words, can bring, the sun, but also;can bring you, pain,
While, a tear, rolls, slowly down, a soul’s, form, of rain.
Words, can be, a whisper, that no one, else, can hear,
They, can bring you, courage, substantiate, your fear,
Words, can be a beacon, can be, a source, of light,
And they, can keep you, warm, throughout, your darkest night.
Words, can be, a messenger, the realization, of hopes and dreams,
Or words can bring, a mountain down, a word’s, more than, it seems,
Words, can bring, you laughter, stir, fond memory,
Or, can dash, your hopes and dreams, the word’s, reality.
Words, can show you, what is real, can make, your blindness, see,
They, can also, give you hope, but, is there, hope for me,
Words, can show, you feel love, but the other, must believe,
For, as the words, fall from, your lips, it’s, your heart, that is deceived.



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