Yesterday's Today

To Marcy Howard

As the darkness reaches out,
And you sit upon your throne,
The blood we spilled along the way,
Means the pain has grown,
Is the price of happiness,
A list of hearts no longer whole,
That later you refer to,
To complete a half a soul.
Tomorrow has less meaning,
In this darkness details are lost,
And in the reverie of the music,
Self and soul are the cost,
An object for the caring,
Is just a memory left to hold,
As the memories in the darkness,
Do nothing but leave you cold.
Happiness lives in a bottle,
That was poured from yesterday,
Yet no matter how much we drink,
Today won’t  go away,
The lips are moistened by each sip,
But each day the thirst returns,
Growing until the pain explodes,
Drowning as yesterday burns.
Sunset brings the darkness,
Illuminated by a flickering flame,
And the only light left in the darkness,
Is a daily whispered name,
Can this memory be enough to carry,
The light to a now darkened soul,
As today’s tomorrow,
Is lost in yesterdays hole.
  Only you!!



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