You Have

To Marcy Howard

I am not a perfect man,
But I never claimed to be,
Yet the closest thing I need,
Is you, here with me
I do not care about the past,
For I look at who I need,
And all those events transpired,
Are my life’s remaining seed.
You have the qualities,
That stir the need within,
Giving me that fire,
That lives inside my grin,
You give me hope for the coming day,
Keep thoughts and dreams alive,
As I hold on to the thought,
One day you will arrive,
Though you know I bear pain,
You experience the same thing,
Each in our private hells,
But there still is cause to sing,
Though it feels the music died,
The notes are playing in our heads
Our hearts were never notified,
Of how to conquer fear and dread.
We have walked a twisted path,
Yet look at what we found,
As our eyes tell the story
Love even lives without sound,
I, need you, in my life,
Without you I’m incomplete,
And as we have this love for each,
Loneliness, has its defeat,



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