If I could draw a tree
In all it’s complexity
Would you be impressed?
If I could draw a human face
It would be but a trace
A skilled facsimile
The one who made the tree
The one who made the face
Would smile
Like a father
Who sees his toddler
Build a house with blocks
Like a mother
Watching her daughter
Make a sandwich and tea
Out of dirt
Keep trying
Little toddler
Keep learning
Keep reaching
For he delights
To see his child grow



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Parker Jennings
presque 5 ans

Thank you for providing my new word of the day- "facsimile"Also, I felt there might have been some commentary on gender-roles, with the father who's proud of his son for plays with building blocks and the mother who's proud of her daughter for imagining a tea party.
The mystery of this poem for me is, who is the question (third line) directed to? The child? The self? God? Not sure, but that's the fun of it.

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