My parents always say
We’re proud of you
I am too
I got out of bed
I used to get so much done
My priorities haven’t changed
Just my unit of measure
I used to measure in hours,
Dollars and minutes
Squeezing time increments
Squeezing dollars and pennies
More than you thought possible
How do you measure the abstract?
Now I measure in cups
Cups of coffee
Being independent and self sufficient
My accomplishment
Now I measure in friendships
Conversations and meals
Poems and coloring books
Hugs and rest and hot baths
If this is a race
I won’t come in first
I hope it’s a marathon
Cause I’ll be happy
Just to finish


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Laura Alaniz
almost 4 years

Thank you so much!
I appreciate the feedback.

Joe Marflak
about 4 years

Meaning all of poeticious, know of anywhere better

Joe Marflak
about 4 years

This is the best poem I've seen on here so far

Joe Marflak
about 4 years


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