You might know her
As blonde eyes
Or as the sister who bakes cookies
But you see
I don’t write this
To tell you that I love her
I write this
To tell you I respect her
To tell you I admire her
I  wish I could give her
A million dollars
Just one at a time
To see how far
She could stretch it
If I could tell you
What she could do
With a pound of chicken
Even the chicken
Would be amazed
She d.i.y.'s
To save a penny
She makes her own
Laundry detergent
For goodness sake!
Some might know her
For her health
For her illnesses
The side effects
Bouncing off each other
Some might just see that
But I see her
Hope for good days
But prepare for the worst
Before she goes to bed
She lines out her family
The family chores
Ready for auto-pilot
In case she can’t get up
Little self-starters
I see her healthy smile
I see her healthy attitude
I write this
Not wanting you to think
Poor kids
If only they had more money
That’s missing the point
They have a hard-working dad
But you see
Money would take away
Life-long survival skills
She teaches them
The value of a dollar
She is their super-mom
She is my super-sister


Eclesiastes 7:12

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Laura Alaniz
casi 5 años

Thank you!

casi 5 años

Such a nice tribute - to a well-deserving sister. :)


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