I don’t expect
Diabetes education
For the public
But chances are
You know one
Don’t know what type?
We roll our eyes
Then it’s type 2
Let me give you
The basics
We did not do this
To ourselves
Unless you mean
When my immune system
Betrayed me
We look normal
Insulin keeps us alive
But it can also kill us
Sugar can be my villain
Sugar can be my hero
There is no cure
Calories are irrelevant
To the all important carb
Diet police  
Are not wanted
Nor diet coke
We thrive on
Balance and moderation
Realistic expectations
Encouragement and hugs
We are annoyed
When non-diabetics
Try to solve our problems
As if it’s easy
Yet we love to laugh
At this stupid disease


Type 2 Diabetes is usually controlled by pills, diet and exercise. Type 1 diabetics are insulin-dependent. Sometimes called juvenile diabetes, most are young and not over-weight when diagnosed.

Type 1 Diabetes

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circa 2 anni

(smile) I have lived with Type 2 for going on 15 years now. My symptoms stole upon me, easing into my limbs making them numb, blurring my eyesight, stealing my strength! I used to be on pills to control it, but now use diet and exercise! Thank you for the poem; I understand!

Robert L. Martin
quasi 4 anni

You are so pretty. You look very healthy. I feel bad that you have diabetes. I guess you have to be careful. I wish you the best and a long and healthy life.

Parker Jennings
circa 4 anni

Great poem. I too know some people who have diabetes. Thanks for sharing

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