Shopping on a Saturday and
as I took the bend ; combined in Autumn, the rich scent of coffee filled the air and
I had to fulfill my need for caffeine!

I took out my last twenty, “ a espresso please...  uhm.. no..
wait, change it to a regular however, I would like a Ca-phe-suada, but on second thought I think I’ll just have ... a Full blend - Caffé Latte ”  ; my undecisive choice irritated that 'surly already pissed-off’ waiter, who I bet ...if he could, he would of smothered me into concussion for the times I changed my mind.

He banged my latte on the counter and said “Have a nice day!”

“Hey, what about my sugar?” I sharply asked,
“Oh my bad, confused little girl, how much d you take?”
I looked at him with a straight face and told him “nevermind”, then I jumped over that counter, got my sugar and ignored every screaming word he said.
I left that silly Café  with a smirk!

Through the sidewalk I held my takeaway latte,
 AKA...  Heaven!
in my hand,
    Oh No!
  as always...
I burnt my tounge!...
            Well.....   Damn!

Not really a poem though..


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Parker Jennings
presque 4 ans

Such energy! I felt that ending scorch my tongue. Your (non)poem has burned me wonderfully.

Environ 4 ans

I love this non-poem!!! I wrote a non-poem as well, I called it Fondue, check it out. LOL

Environ 4 ans

So you are, such fun! I cannot deal. It's beautiful.

presque 5 ans

i love this poem...(I mean not a poem) ;-) I do so dislike surly servers! and I love the fictional "jumping" over the counter! where you fictionally holding his neck while he was screaming? lol

Environ 5 ans

Yea' yea' lmafo! .. punk!

Tony Hill
Environ 5 ans

Enjoyed the indecisiveness, including your being unsure whether it is a poem or not!

plus de 5 ans

''I left that silly Café with a smirk''Miss Kader! you coffee addict! :0
Lmao! really nice! :)

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