She lived in a snow globe.
Beautiful and Bare,
..  Soft  lace and silver ribbons in her hair...
... Dancing in the snow; her flair.
Everyday glazing past her glass window..
She danced and danced to a tune..
Suddenly..  so Blunt! .. So fallen!..
She locked herself...
I had a call in.
She looked at me..
Her numbness grew..
Oh!  Her Doleful Absent Angelic looking face..
.. Made parts of my heart break!
there was nothing I could do...
With her abstractions  beyond the snow..
.. She caused her own heart to ache.


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Environ 4 ans

I love this.. Beautiful tragic. In sadness you will always rise.

Fatima Amal
plus de 4 ans

I love everything about this! The rhythm, the rhymn, the words, the illusion! Lovely!

plus de 4 ans

Thank you beautiful.. I'm glad that you enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed reading your poetry... Thank you for your sweet words xxx

Sarah Jane Danielsson
plus de 4 ans

Beautiful work. The last line really intrigued me. Constantly yearning for what was beyond the glass walls, caused heart ache.

plus de 4 ans

Thank you Sarah, you beautiful! .. xxxx

Robert L. Martin
plus de 4 ans

Very deep and moving. It sounds like she moved with passion

plus de 4 ans

I'm glad you like it Robert.. And.. Thank you for all your kind commentary... xxxx

plus de 4 ans

Yes... I just wrote down the first line and... Ideas just came... Thank you Vic xxx

plus de 4 ans

Is it the doll in a glass sphere? Cute poem.

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