I have loved and I have lost
In many lives my fears have built a
wall around me
I have seen and I have been to different lands and lived
with my optimistic heart and masked sorrow
I have tasted nobiliy, future with fame and know the feeling of a published name      
I have wandard through dark forests and
  have been enchanted
             loosing myself
I have danced through green fields
   free without my shield
      with my aloneness for centuries
I have seen nature through my eyes a million times
I know it all
  to well..


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over 4 years

And your spirit remains Alive. That is what matters. You are here to evoke your sweet essence of your spark, because I truly know that you are built from the most calming and kindest of energy. Beautiful.

over 4 years

What have you seen through the centuries?

Love this poem...

Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

Now you have a great big story to tell.

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