Of our Fall

This will not be another Love poem, these words will not yearn for the past, instead I will continue through our past picture frames and instead of trying to pull back pieces into the present, I will stand back and appreciate the fall...

Young and I trusted,
with my rapture
I sank my soul into.
We Agone in Time,
I’ve drawn the line..
No tears..
For you...
I am thankful,
so.. I am.
to have met you,
seen your side..
and mine;
my weakness, my love, my soul..
My mistake for you
my once salvation...
My sky !..
Now these skies passing..
through storms... Trying not to break
 my words or fill my heart into a sudden..
To ignore me in the best way.
  blindfold me in the dark.
..Making me stronger,
to breathe
 When I walked through life without
you as I..wanted
And I loved! loved !.. You
with passion and held it..
Oh, Once she was..  new.
un blinded and you ...
... KNEW!
abandoning me in the best way,
Now I scatter...  I choose..
I love and..  I loose..
accustomed to the chain..
yet Thinking back, I know it wasn't even
- I was silly
still..it echos..
Unattainable the parts you took.
I had to grow up some day,
Proceed , I
walk on,  not cling...
A woman for herself...
With worth...
With herself
Do I train myself as I sing
making my own Gold..
Thank you for scaring a heart that only knew love
the only thing, I wish ..
..is to have never met you..
because now my foundations have been built around..
what I will never know
when True love comes..
And you,
will never know what You've lost,
So thank you.. for nothing

This is one of the hardest things I had to accept..
before this, I never knew what it was like to be in a relationship or how people are supposed to treat you and..
my foundation of love comes from very faulted lines ... Yet, it has made me stronger as a person..
but I wish I could go back and tell her what I now know..

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