I drew a 3-D image
I played a trick on my eyes...
“Look! the fucking picture is disguised!”
My mistaken finish...
I can depict two.
Mesmerize, Memorize it
I’m an artist too!

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plus de 3 ans

Well... I don't really remember exactly but.. At first I started drawing a 3D shape and then I started thinking about.. Art.. as in.. The beautiful paintings and artists and then I looked at my ordinary 3D shape and began thinking of how I could make it look more artistic and less than what it was and... Well. I changed a few things within it.. And. .. Next to it... I Kinda wrote about it. xxx

Environ 2 ans

Hilarious. :)

Parker Jennings
presque 4 ans

Hilarious, I've done something similar except it was a short animation. I deleted it shortly after I created it

presque 4 ans

Laila what were you thinking when you wrote this?
its funny! please explain this.

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