A new day
A new light...
Sadness fades in time
And you get used to it
A new September, another Spring
   a different sunset crafted out and different things...
Moving on isn’t easy...
The blaring winds will change like the waters waves
And you’ll get used to it ...
The hurt and the pain
the acts of insane,
Others beautiful ....
...   like parts of poetry
Eternal flashbacks of lightning never ending like the sky...
And nothing we do will save us from this fall out!
 like nothing can save the pretty blushed clouds..
       from turning into grey.

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Robert L. Martin
circa 4 anni

I can see the sky turning gray.

circa 4 anni

Yes, moving on ain't easy. But more often than not, we move on to something better, adventures more exciting, relationships more satisfying! At times, it is best to say good-bye so that we can say hello!

circa 5 anni

Thank you! xxxx

circa 5 anni

nice poem!

oltre 5 anni

Poetic YOU!

rambling woman
oltre 5 anni

I love your line "eternal flashbacks of lightning never ending like the sky". I definitely relate to that but you put it into words so much better than I've been able to. Very nice

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