Here is a Summer,
A Summer and
Below I can feel it’s
heart Beating...
Summer you are, radiant and Gold
Suddenly I cannot feel this Cold
Entwined beneath my veins there is..
Chambers of passages– of Darkness within..
And a blaze of what I could never imagine..
It Exists–
deep beneath hollow paths and twists
My madness, my rage,
come inside its cage—
Hello, Hello I’m just trying to do math.. And I suck at it..
Mind my teeth and obsession for blood
I play a lot of video games, so hay It could link up a few things..
Feel me underneath a lot of sharp sharp teeth..
Black Blue ..Dizzy Dizzy
I am not the words.. but you are given clues
to use so don’t abuse my truce–
for then
she will set me loose.. and you
will not have no clue
to know..
I am a reflection of you! ..Ta Da ..

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