The thing that annoys me most is, how I try to cover up the realness of colorless mediocre – oh how I ..try to paint a picture, a beautiful one for you.. so your eyes can be soft..and not be drawn into my darkness..

You see, I have painted so many skies and behind them cried, I swear I could of died,
and  then you–
only so you can pretend like you’re new to seeing me every single time...
so you can tell me what I should  be.. instead of me,
letting me.. be me.

One day I will stop, and I will stop
not for me, but for you to see
All the things I do– are for you, not me
I hope you realize that, I hope you do soon..
This candle is burning out– they bringing their chains and the cage that was once hidden.. is opening up..

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Robert L. Martin
circa 1 anno

The poem reminds me of a French Impressionism style of painting.

circa 1 anno

What I have learned - I suck at doing things for others

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