A follow up from the other side of the fence?

I love seeing this perspective.
It puts me inside anothers mind.
Yet if I wish to stay on the topic of necessities.
Love is truly one.
We may be able to eat, drink, and breathe.
But are we truly living?
This is what makes us different between animals and human nature.
Us as humans need something to live for.
That’s where emotion comes in.
If we have no emotion and care to express there is nothing holding and bonding us to our bodies on earth.
God created man and woman to express emotion and to love.
It might not be a physical need but it surely is a psychological need.
It is what keeps us moving forward.
God did not create us to just eat, drink live our lives and die.
He created us to bond and love one another.
And some bonds become stronger than others.
Love was not just brought in to our lives it was a gift and a tool of god.
To give us a reason to stay on this earth.
A reason to wish to move forward in life in the name of god.
So as a mother yourself if your child did die col you see yourself moving forward?
And I do agree that it is the strongest bond is maternity.
But could you possibly take enough time to greave over that much pain?
If I was a mother I know I couldn’t.
But there is something that holds you to the earth if it was to happen.
Am I right?
The love of your husband and the love of other family.
The love that is there to comfort you in your darkest hour.
And when if you finally find someone that helps you through the darkest hour…
There is nothing more you would wish to see but share the light with the one who helped you through the darkness.


thought of this as a good idea. i would love to hear a response. I think it might help.

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Levi Carter
over 6 years

I apologize for the delayed response. I did not notice comment before hand. If you wish to discuss things I am willing. I love to see the other side of things. it definitely gives me something to think about and something to learn from another ones perspective. And if this is who I think it is, I agree with you that actions truly do speak louder than words. and I hope to improve these actions of mine.

over 6 years

Well now, young man...:-) I must say I am surprised and quite impressed with the depth and in site of your response.... thoughts are quite different from actions. Also, impressed you have the ability to articulate such a powerful, TRUTH. Stand firm and tall in that! I agree with most everything you have written! I'm not sure I could better compose my own response to my late night, sleep deprived series of believes and questions. Intentions were really to go off on a rant for my own expression only, but I decided it should and would be shared for exactly this reason, to provoke a thought and create a question in all who come a crossed it. You were indeed the root that started that tree, but it did decide to grow into its own mass of twisted blooms reaching for the light of understanding! ! I also believe that life's purpose, entire existence, yes, necessity is LOVE! The love we NEED to exist, must begin with God and than for ourselves, then prepared to be shared with others.

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