Finished With Hell

I took everything I had for granted.
This is where everything started to look slanted.
My biggest fear is losing the ones I loved to my own fault.
I had fallen to the only thing I was afraid of.
I can’t take it anymore.
Not ever being able to be there for.
The one I love that would do anything to be with.
God take me away from what is left inside me.
I have nothing if I’m not with the on I have to be.
Take me away or I must take myself in despair.
If I am not with my one and only care.
I wish everything could just make a turn around.
Where everything I had done could just be abound.
I lost myself looking for the only thing I needed,
To move on with my life that had been destroyed.
By a social and morals battle with us in the center.
This is just way too much to take in.
Why has my only love been completely surrounded by sin?
I have two choices that this hell has came down to.
1. live the rest of my life in regret and misery.
Or 2. Finish my life and do everyone on this planet favor.
I think I might just take option B………


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