“Worrying is like a rocking chair,
It gives you something to do.
But doesn’t get you anywhere.”
But I can’t stop worrying about you.
But I don’t wish to bug your dad.
I seem to always bug mine down the hall.
But I am worrying about you pretty bad.
I hope you are all right but hoping is not enough.
I am soaking myself in coffee to stay awake.
My days are getting bad they are getting rough.
I don’t know how much more not talking to you I can take.
I have been working harder and keeping my path straight.
I am trying to keep myself together I really am.
But it doesn’t seem like anybody but you really give a damn.
I just wish I could take back what I had done.
Fix all of our relationship problems before they were big.
Since I fucked everything up nothing seems to be fun.
I hope I don’t finish this grave I have began to dig.
I have been trying to take everything day by day.
If someone asked me how I felt I don’t know what I would say.


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