She has such a pretty smile.
It keeps you feeling good for a while.
She’s very smart in school.
So pretty makes you feel like a fool.
She always likes to play rough.
She doesn’t mind because she’s tough.
She always leaves you wanting more.
In which drives me insane to the core.
You love her beautiful eyes.
She never has another disguise.
Who already holds memories.
Who has beautiful remedies.
She holds a key to things you want.
And who never acts nonchalant.
A pretty girl that you will protect.
A girl carries so much respect


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Debra Romero
about 7 years

Hey Levi, sounds like you spend a lot of time admiring this young lady. Maybe it's time to stop feeling like a fool and act cool :) Have some confidence...Your poem has spot on rhyme which I love to read. You've done a good job conveying how you feel and another good job portraying her character. All said and done I can understand and get what you are saying. It's easy to give advice, it's the taking part that gets tricky. Take care Debra~

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