People are vexing and annoying.

Friendships come and friendships go,
Relations are hard to maintain.
The more I try, the more I know
The road forward is hard terrain.
Where are all the introverts?
Why be disingenuous?
Does introspection exert
A reality most strenuous?
Honesty isn’t valued anymore.
I wonder what this world was like before
Norms evolved to bury who you are,
Hiding behind our painted avatars.
I stand out in the busy street
And watch the people walk right by,
Spreading poisonous deceit
The world accepts and I decry.
It isn’t wrong to fear your flaws,
But fear rules the weak minded.
Perfection is a faulty cause!
Your eyes have all been blinded.
Watching and complaining is still better
Than joining mindless, shallow throngs of sheep.
I’d rather be alone than locked in fetters.
The price of selling out is far too steep.

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