We sway back and forth
There’s a lot of others in the room
I see only you and you see only me
It’s a moment of happiness and bliss
It’s as if time has ceased for this one moment
Me and you together we dance
We move as one yet we are two
It’s like the world wants to keep us in this moment forever
I wouldn’t mind and neither would you
Now the songs over
I wanted that moment to last
I wished it would go on and never end
But it did and I’m happy I at least have the memory
Now as I look at you for the last time I smile
I let myself remember the good times we had
When you go and disappear out of sight
I will always and forever remember that night

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over 7 years

I like how this focuses on the bright side....a 'cup half full' type of attitude.-Duce

over 7 years


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