Your angel knew you,
You weren’t always happy here.
This act of living,
Supplementing ways.
Forever trying to make ends meet.
Happiness was not the first thing
on your list.
Little things you thought you needed,
you wave, nodded and agreed that.
This is not your fault.
Our desires,
but competition,
Instilled with miles of advertisement
Hope to fill in.
A world perceived as-
Let dominate the willing
to achieve the expectations
Of Corporations.
So this standard of normal
For masses to inhale,
We were led to believe in.
One day your eyes opened.
You noticed the breeze
was cool on the back of your neck
and around your ears.
You grabbed a girl,
said, I love you,
and she felt it.
The weight removed from your
Chains breaking free.
After that,
A list was made to
give away.
Or what to never buy again.
Because when wings bring life meaning,
With your mind free,
you were being.
By seeing for the first time,
A smile, Genuine.
A true passion for living
that your angel took part in,
By giving you, You,
To believe in.

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Angel Lady (Sandi Guidotti)
about 5 years

Very beautiful. You really can't buy the things that mean the most in life. I'm glad I decided to read your poem. I'll read more for sure. Sandi.

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