So many fond memories
and I can still hear your laughter
I can still see your face
Over a year had passed
and I still loved you
Over a year, and we were destroyed.
To the point of pain, twisted in our hearts
is this what they call fate?
Over a year, and my heart had been crushed
many times
by your mistakes
and these mistakes I lived with
until this day
that I walked away.
Your mind was always confused
while mine always pointed towards you
They could say
our stars just never aligned.
Much distance and disappointment
somehow, my heart always belonged to you.
My voice begged and pleaded
my self-esteem dropped like an angel from the heavens
I felt non-existent, undeserving, stupid
I left myself in your arms
I am not any stronger than what I was yesterday
I am very weak and sad
I had to say goodbye
because choices were not made
and my heart
could not be in your hands any longer.
I stand here, completely alone,
I lost my love, my friend
I wish I could see your face today
I wish I could kiss you one thousand more times.
But Today,
I am not strong,
but tomorrow I will be stronger
as I walk this road alone.

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