it’s unbelievable the change of the leaves
overcast, a cold day yeah 15 degrees
I’m about to say this wipe your tears on your sleeve
it’s all of the same shit and I’m feeling displeased
it’s a pain, straight in the heart
complicated overrated
and the feeling’s fucked up
but you took what you could get
and it was never enough
you thought i would forget
but I’m stuck with the scars
surroundings became lame
i told my friends get fucked
what i should have said
things are getting really tough
i thought id wait it out
hoping for a change
it never came along
now the future’s looking really strange
i walk alone but my shadow follows me
direction that im going
was it south west or south east?
so take me anywhere,, im willing to leave
as long as its not here
just follow-wing with ease...
(who can i run to chorus)
i dream the changes across
i dream the changes a lot
a new day but ending in the same result
and im forgetting what helps
i cant remember what it felt– like
to have smoke and be drinking all by myself
faze out like
faze in– it melts
sunny days, it rains or excessive spells
im drifting off on clouds
rather this than popping pills, major feels or even hearing fucking sounds


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