shit be fucking complex
every night when i lay my head down to rest
my chest my chest
it fills with betrayal
and therefore my minds’ at test
whereby i sit and i reminisce
about all of the good times
now i fucking protest
i never had no fucking friend
the love you claimed
it was all a big mess
so yes shit be fucking complex
i feel sorry for somebody like you
the lies and lies and lies
they build
skies the limit and God may be coming for you
but fuck what you say and fuck what you did
when i come confronting
you turn it around
blame me and say I’m sorry my lovely
my mind is officially wrecked
when you’re around you tend to infect
with passion and grace
you walk down the halls
inside you’ve got huge fucking claws
but people like me are stupid and open these doors
and as you walk right in
you take in these feelings
like vapors of fresh spring
i cant take it anymore
the lies and lies and lies
the denies the denies
I’m ready to annihilate
but fuck what you did and fuck what you said
you fucked up big time
when you said you loved me
but you fucking slept in her bed.


Sorry for the swears.

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almost 4 years

your writing reminds me of my writing style, love it!

over 3 years

Thanks Clementine <3

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