I’m not suffering with spite
I’m just feeling under the weather
Not a real day for flying kites
With the days going by
And I’m unsure if it gets better
We always turn left
Or make rights
Either way, end up on levels
Where confusion meets delusions
And the games end with losers
Cause if I won
Id be surprised
Its like those games where the machines take your money
And like your pockets
Your feelings run on empty
Second chances don’t often come at me
And the dreams are filled with scary demons out to get me
And you can run but you can’t hide
Carefully pretending that you’re not afraid of heights
Lies upon lies
Reality hits full on
When you’re falling on the tracks
What we say, is what lacks
When the meanings turn to blur
When my head has hit the curb
And the hits don’t feel real
I might not be coming back


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