Skin colour does not matter,
nor the race they were born.
We shall not treat them like leather,
easily stretched, and worn.
They have a soul,
they have a mind,
they have eyes to see.
But yet we torture them,
day and night
for what they believe.
And everything,
we do what we please.
But because their skin,
they are mistreated.
The way they talk,
the way they act,
the way they live their lives.
What about what WE do?
But when they do something,
we don’t like...
We always must strike.

We should not mistreat anyone because their race or skin, but by their acts and personality. :)

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Charlotte B. Williams
over 3 years

So true. I'm reminded of a poem I wrote called colored blind as I read your poem. Good poem

Lucas Lijewski
Lucas Lijewski
over 3 years

Show me some time

Charlotte B. Williams
Charlotte B. Williams
over 3 years

@Lucas Lijewski: You can find it on my page under color blind.

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