To all of my family, and friends for believing in me.

When I step on leaves,
I here the crackles.
Then I will look at trees,
and see fresh apples.
When sticky Maple leaves would fall from the trees
my mother would harvest them and steep them in her tea.
She made a lot of recipes that were often different from most.
She learned from our grandma,
who would often be our host.
At our grandmas house she had maple trees,
she would have us harvest them, the sticky, maply leaves.
The leaves are in colors of red and gold,
with maple syrup of twenty years old!
Falling far from the oak trees,
here comes the colorful leaves.
When dry leaves are all over the ground,
I’ll jump on them to here the crackling sound!


I made this Poem to be about every little thing I love about Fall and its majesty.

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Robert L. Martin
almost 4 years

What a great recipe. Maple tee.


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