Today is the day,
that I am born again.
Today is a change,
that I am baptized by the hand.
I shall be washed clean of all my sin,
by your holy water.
I shall be able to see you with unmasked eyes,
now that I am set free.
I’ve been searching through valleys,
and deserts to seek your work.
Everyday there is more of you
that I wish to learn.

I wish to learn more and more of my God everyday

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over 4 years

I like happy uplifting poems myself...

But as you grow older, and start to encounter life's problems (for surely they will come), then you'll understand why some poets write about dark and somber themes. In the meantime, write about what is in your heart, be yourself and things will always turn out all right in the end.

Charlotte B. Williams
over 4 years

beautiful !!!

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