I look into a two way mirror,
She cries and I see her,
I pound on the glass hoping she can see me,
she has to see me to believe me,
but if seeing is believing then how will she ever be alright?
the things she does to herself just isn’t right,
I want to break this mirror. Hold her in my arms and let her cry,
why does she do this to herself?
I ask god every night,
I drop to my knees,
press my hand on the glass flush with hers,
press my head against the glass and try to fall asleep,
I whisper everything will be alright,
she softly whispers I know it will,
removes her hand and walks away,
did she hear me?
no, Her sub conscience only feels me,
screaming into empty glass waiting for the night to pass,
No matter how much I yell or scream she can never hear me,
she wants out,
I can see it in her eyes,
her lifestyle is her disguise,
she puts her trust with every wrong guy,
she says she can save them,
but you can’t be the savior if you need saving,
the bad boy lifestyle is what she is craving,
thinks their tough because they go raving,
only to find out they are as insecure as she is,
they use her,
they steal from her,
some would say she had it coming but i am there for her,
She gambles with Lucifer,
every bump she takes,
every shot of vodka she craves,
as long as she feels the high she thinks everything is okay,
I just wish I never find her on a hospital bed,
I would be speechless in the moment that so much needed to be said,
...but then I hear a crack,
the mirror is breaking,
I see it,
I feel it,
I cant believe it,
I grab whatever I can,
I beat the wooden chairs against the glass,
shattering them into pieces,
the crack begins to get bigger and bigger,
her attention is grabbed by her five senses or triggers,
she walks toward the glass,
I’m yelling get back!
nothing left to hit it with so I use myself,
throw my body at the glass,
breaking through at last,
I remove the pieces of glass from my arms and hands,
I tell her.. I may have cuts and bruises but i could not bare to live my life without you,
I took her away from that life,
I took away the inevitable knife,
everyone deserves a second chance,
I will hold on to her forever,
I will do what is right.


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