How can you look at me and say Im perfect
My own family says I’m flawed
The love of my life told me he didn’t like my trust issues
Kill me
Kill me
Someone shoot me
Suffocate me
Infect me
Let me die
I hate this life I lead
I’m a coward
I’m insecure
I’m a loser in all words
How am I loved
How can they not see that I’m dying inside
He was my only thread keeping my dangling bit of sanity left
He cut the thread
I was plunged into darkness
Kill Me
Kill Me
Let me DIE
I’m already dying inside
So good bye my soul, my laughter my world
Goodbye everything
I have nothing left in this life
Let them take me away
Let them test me
Let them confine me
I will never be better
I will remain the same
I will die in sadness
I will shut my mouth
So you never again hear laughter or screams
I will shut my eyes
So you can’t see my happiness nor my tears
I will shut my self
So you can’t invade
One day I’ll be taken away
And thrown in a deeper pit of hell
I don’t need anyone digging it deeper

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devon quinn
más de 7 años

I really feel like I can feel your pain as I was reading it I felt the same pit in my stomach because I can relate good job and keep your head up it gets better


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