Walking on a tight rope of sorrow
I see the end
Of my tunnel of darkness
But the closer i get
The farther it seems
The farther it seems
How am i supposed to walk this any longer
Why don’t i just let my self fall
Should i drop?
Oh what if I fall into the darkness
What if the light disappears
What if i trip over my own tears
Oh what if i fall into the darkness
My heart can’t go any longer
I hear the voices, just give up
I see images
Of a girl in love
She falls
She breaks
She never is the same
What if that was me
What if the girl i see
Was alone
Was broken just as me
What if she was walking the tight rope
Same as me
What if the end of the tunnel means I fall
My wounded self can’t walk much further
I hear people say, you eat to much
Your fine
You’re so full of it
Quit over reacting
Its just a phase
I’ve been through worse
Tomorrows a new day
Just get over it
But what if tomorrow never comes
What if i never see the sun
What if all those voices, create this tight rope?
What if fall?
I have to go on
I have to beat the voices
No can’t go further
I can’t go much further
someone help where are the angels with their wings
That lights getting dimer
I’m falling
The darkness is surrounding


Tightropes, depression

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