There is a lot
 more or less
   to this than you
Lure into legend
legend into Rule;
A pen for swine
 to collect the drool….
Dare I taste the shadow of the venom you sync with
as your stationary heart absolves every last
drop of ink that
drips through the vellum and dissolves
your myth,
I’ll take it from here, dear
hold on tight to that scythe
and bend backwards for me with
vengeance and vinegar till I fill
every black hole you bequeathed with your breath
hold on tight to that essence you left
and the beauty you cast in your last stench of
time is moving so slow
on the rind of your hips
kiss me from beyond with your vanishing lips
i’ll never forget the gift of this
lie—and all of the
lost children in disgust—discussing our lust; passing by
Embodied a fiery hideout.
….I walk in the guts of your applause with envy—
I talk to the sky but God is empty.
We are nothing but
 maniac star cargo.



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