Until then,
I can’t believe it’s less than a week; we’ve been counting down—
Have a good night; take care.
I like the way I dress.
Every vampire needs a guardian.
And well….
Now, you know it’s my job to talk about the biggest moments.
So get involved—
We are all in this together.
I expect that kind of thinking from your generation.
Time for a change?
Zero percent interest for the rest of this riddle.
This sale is going on right now.
That question was like a hate crime.
No, I didn’t know that.
We’re not in a nosedive.
But I feel like I’m forgetting something….
So what do we do?
Hold hands?
She looked me right in the eye and ran me over.
But burning sage keeps the bad energy at bay. Right?
Are you ready?
The big game is almost here.
So do you want to try it?
Oh thank you so much for the donation.
Three weeks ago she lost everything she owned in a fire.
What is this hold you have on me?
In fact, I installed one of her secrets,
The only one that survived the fire.
The one that I hid in.
Mayday! Mayday!
Sleep deriving on medication.
Deprived of driving in sleep.
Driving to….
I love you.
I was praying she would let it go.
We would have been here sooner but this one had a crisis.
I’ve got to pick up that temptation.
Or the salvation.
Yeah, the toys.
I can never find them anymore.
I don’t want you to worry about it.
I think you’ll be surprised when you see what these hands can do.
She asked me about it.
What was I supposed to do?
I think it’s sweet.
We’ll get a little ice cream.
Is that the new emotion with the camera in it?
Today is the biggest day of my life.
Lets see how she flies.
English is not her first language.
We had coffee.
We’re friends.
So before you get all judgy.
You don’t have to look the way you look.
Works every time.
This is huge.
I can’t take another farm story.
Hose it down; sweep for spiders.
Hook up my wireless heart monitor.
If it breaks, I can fix it from here on my phone.
I can’t stop thinking about her.
Yes, I guess.
So run and tell her that.
I’m sorry—I need a minute.
Hang on.


Love, hesitation, chaos, anxiety

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