Unless they want them to bake and wade
In the nuclear waves of this fake crusade,
To decay in a world their parents betrayed—
Oh, to be young, and truly afraid.
So fuck Fukushima and ignore the wars
God bless the video music award lords,
Grab your soda, get your new high scores—
To hell with whatever is happening outdoors.
Send them to school for the new big shit
Make sure they wash their brains with all of it,
Proactively developing their corporate wits
and attention deficit hyperactive zits.
We’ve got vacuum seals to keep them fresh,
Genetically modified supermarket flesh
All wrapped up in transvaginal mesh
and pelvic slings to hold the stress.
Are you happy?
Or mad?
Are you fucking depressed?
We’ve got a 6 decade pharmaceutical-fest,
Deliberately designed psychological tests
and pink ribbons to hang on your decomposing breasts.
“Hey there, Autism! How are you?
And how is everything else going too?”
“I’m alive and well! As you can tell,
I’m almost a completely empty shell!
Just a step away from the aftermath
and graduating to sociopath!”
I thought I taught my kids to be conscious....
Maybe I forgot.
I can’t tell thru all the Alzheimer’s disease.


Modern, tragedy, corruption

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