Out of the darkness, into the unforgiving brine.
When your sail begins to falter, hold dearly to that bit of twine.
Pull-on the ropes and take your vessel into your own hands.
By the guidance of God, wind and your every might see yourself reach the shores of distant lands.
Though not all shores may be your calling.
Hold on to the deck, brace with a proud chest until the heavens stop falling.
You cannot tame the raging sea or stop it beating any faster.
But with a brave heart and cunning wit maybe you can mount it as its master.
Waves may hit the deck like a lash against the back.
Build your ship up with strong wood and see yourself not crack.
With a  grip shaky or strong wield your flaming sword regardless.
Thereupon the mast, roar out as you plunge into the darkness.

Something I wrote when I was going through a rough patch in my life. I hope it fills you with courage and strength.

#motivation #strength #ship #courage

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