The haunting of me

Haunting of me II
Here I stand, Here I stay.
Twisting your mind till it will fray.
Here I am, the voice in your head.
Keeping you alive, Keeping you dead.
Even as you break, I forever stay.
My claw around your face I forever pull.
Happiness, your heart never to be full.
Like dew that stick and shimmers on the grass
See me stick to you in the mirror and glass.
Even as you break, I forever rule.
In the silence, I whisper in your ear.
With sounds, you dare not to hear.
Let me.
Guide you into my snare.
Watch me.
Fill your mind with thoughts you cannot bear.
I’ll make you see demons where there is none.
I drain your veins of joy and fun.
And everywhere that you may turn.
Faces of greed wishing the world to burn.
I am the dagger in your brain.
Voice of pain.
Pulling strain.
Invading lane.
Guiding vain.
Here I stand and here I say.
I am never to go away.
The day I was born all this I knew.
While your rise is the haunting of me, I am the haunting of you.

Those black and white parts of you that haunt your every thought.

# #depression #haunting #overthinking #sad

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