Dedicated to a former friend

I’m really bad at writing
my hands are lazy
weak with anticipation
of setting the page on fire
with my own hands
I’m thinking non-stop
sometimes about nothing at
all and sometimes about you
My hands are weak
for a writer
you can even say my
mind is weak because
without the connection of
thoughts into words on paper,
that thought can be erased
and that is why I have
decided to write today
I am no poet
This journal is no
competition with your
seven pages a day and
mine is lucky to have one.
You win.
There I said it.
You are still on my mind
and writing only makes
you alive
You have read my
You have read my
feelings but you read
no more so now I ask you
to listen
not to me but to the world
and let it speak in my voice.

Written May 21, 2013.

This is my first poet entry. I'm new to this site and I wish to share my poetry whether it's any good or not.

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