The funny thing is
I used to believe
The problem
Lied inside myself
Like maybe
Only people
Who I let in
Could see me
For what I really was
& it must not be much
Then one day I woke up
As if from a dream
& I knew it wasn’t true
It was always –me
My choice
Who I let in
Who I let close
They saw what
Everyone else saw
& knew how to use it
To manipulate it
To take the innocence
& true passion
Sucking it dry
For themselves
Their own insecurities
& desire for pleasure
Giving just enough
To keep me there
But also keep me weak
My thoughts unclear
To remember
What I know
To see, truth
Only what they
Didn’t count on
Is that time
Time heals all
& time & time
Again, I grow stronger
Like bacteria
Given an antibiotic
For so long
I can resist
I grow
& spread like cancer
Coating myself
With the knowledge
The power
To wake up
Their dream

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