Faces = Animals = Facimals

Products of our Environment
thats where it is
what makes us familiar
different, unless
you can learn
to adapt
I’m here
to study people
and explore behavior
what better way
than drugs
you need
to focus
to learn
but that’s not..
well back to faces
I’ve studied mine
looked at it
you know
but it wasn’t
until a friend
of mine
said while
looking at a picture
“It’s only the face,
people look at...”
that’s when
it dawned on me
the faces
your face
my face
it doesn’t matter
yet it does
they’re all
so different
I like fam-i-liar
you can
see the
liar at the end
the un-familiar
is what
I can’t
seem to learn
or want to learn
we are breeds
to our nature
we look
for what
we know
animals of prey
that’s who
we are

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