Have Shoes will Travel

Who are you?
Why now, are you haunting me?
I read my horoscope
today for guidance
or some knowledge
to make sense of it all
It’s funny it said everything
I needed to know
Things, people from the past
will enter into sight
did I learn anything?
I am strong, I am stronger
I’ve changed, grown so much
Sometimes its hard to
keep up with who I’m becoming
You know, that feeling
of longing, for familiar
That word, familiar
always creeps me out
It’s like something
in a David Lynch flick
I can just picture some
little dwarf with a crazy
painted face saying it...
fam-il-i-ar, or fam-i-lair
Creepy, either way
Nodding off now
words work in spurts
It’s exhausting
all I have inside
All I have to get out
Take things slow
That’s what I keep
telling everyone else
It would only be logical
for me to hear myself
and let me be the test
to show them all
that you can do it
That we, I am strong
Things need to take
their own course
If it’s already mapped out
why freak out
all there is to do is
live it out
Seize every moment
while it unfolds
and not worry
what the next
minute holds
wow I’m letting
you do this
to me
I’m running...

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