I always find a message in my bottle...

Amazing chemistry = two
souls that dance,
in absolute sync
together, that’ s perfection
if I’ve ever wanted it...
is it me talking
or the tito’s?
sometimes I’m not sure
but I like it
It’s like a sexy
uncontrolable talk
hey if your gonna
walk, walk the walk
I’m just saying
you need to know
when to run
Brain damage
bad accident
sure it happpened
what can you do
keep going
hope for the one
who gets you
I guess
memory loss
and all...
no concept of time
I often find myself
why does it matter,
anyway, I know
what I feel
you’re never far away
keeping me trapped
in your conscienceness
unable to let go
neither can I
you entered me
& touched something
woke it up... or
maybe uncovered it
for the first time
I’m not sure which but
that seems irrelevent
what matters is
what is done,
what you’ve done
there is no going back
there is no moving on
what’s done is done
trapped as your prisioner
you made me yours
I hate being ignored
silence makes my...
heart bleed, mostly
vodka these days
helps make sense
when I can’t seem
to find any...
anywhere else
no one knows
it’s all inside
kernals  waiting
to be poppped
I get into the bag
waiting for a taste
a touch, I can’t
get enough...
give me more
even one word
gets me through
I need to...
hold on...
bottoms up

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