My Texan (+Tito's )

Snowing here
Just like when I was
there with you
when I met you
the first time
when I knew
altered state again
was it only sensual
that was the only amazing
maybe I’ve ever known
that before...
desire, bottle it up!
& Drink it down
Like LL Cool J
going back to Cali
it just seems right
my sinuses filled
& that thick coating
in the back
of my throat
makes me think
of you, Texas
You will always
be my Texas...
we are both
pieces of each other
without we are just
we are complete
there is never another
who can complete
us, like each other
we are made from,
built to come
together & form a union
spoken long ago
we are mates
together we make one
every moment
up until now
is what makes
this complete
is what we both
waited for
to come together
as one, to feel
the intense passion
& feeling as only
we can together
no other could
feel the same
crave what we have
no longer
we are here alone
we finally have
gotten to each other

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