Never quenched

I find myself
Questioning myself
What is it
I should know
What am
I looking for
That’s not
Already inside
I’m lost
I need directions
I’m glad
I came there
That much
I know
I’m grasping at
Strength inside
Myself to ask
What is it,
I wish to know
I’ll give you
Then take it away
No, I know these
Tricks, tactics
I’ve made myself
Believe that you’re
Everything because
I am
I want
My match
That one
Who shares
What I am
I search for
Someone who
Won’t steal mine
I don’t want
Because I need
I want
Because I crave
I crave them
& what they can
Teach me
So I grow
I’m tired of
Finding the answer
Only to move on
Where are you
The one that
Is filled with
And passion
Who has a heart
Like mine
That will
Beat with mine

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