Sowed Up

I feel like the earth is exploding
around me and it can’t be stopped
scarred - everything is a mirage
someone tell me whats real
where are you? Where am I?
I’m orbiting a galaxy I don’t understand
someone please help me, tell me its okay
I’m running & I’ve lost my shoes
every step burns, burns from deep
I just want to run in fields of
butterfly flowers and have the sun singing
on my shoulders, take me away
make me believe, tell me its okay
we’ll ride together, yes together
into the sunset, hair ablaze, through the wind
I want to hear birds chirping out my window
I want them to sing the most wonderful songs
I want you, I want you to fuck me
crazy drug world, we are woven
yes threaded together like some good material
stitched at the seams, are you the light?
the light that will guide me?

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