They stand still in majesty
The abundant green foliage
Covers them with beauty
Worth a rime of Coleridge.
They are bathed in sunlight
Spreading over as if with smiles
Greeting that wondrous sight
One would love to share across miles.
Small tufts of blossoming red flowers
Now are opening for their fruit
One takes care of in the afternoon’s hours
Leaving us joyous and quite mute...


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Maria Do Céu Pires Costa
Environ 5 ans

I'm so glad once you've enjoyed it. :)

Maria Do Céu Pires Costa
Environ 5 ans

I do appreciate your generous comment. :)

Charlotte B. Williams
Environ 5 ans

So beautiful is the sight of nature,

Robert L. Martin
Environ 5 ans

A beautiful ode to springtime.

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