I consulted a shrink, a short while ago!.

To all shrinks, and their patients.

I consulted a shrink a short while ago,
What prompted my visit?, I’ m sure I don’t know!
Tell me what ails you,  in ten words or less,
Ok then, I’ll start, and see where I get!.
I hate being lied to, or lied about,
I hate falling short, or having a doubt.
I don’t like deception, or being deceived.
Nor misconception, being wrongly perceived.
Don’t patronise me, with that tone in your voice
Or make it so obvious, I’m not your first choice.
Don’t second guess me, and set out your traps
Your traps, they won’t get me, I’m too smart for that!.
I don’t like the strength,  of your curious stare,
I sense that about me, you don’t really care.
I’m sick of your questions, direct and probing
Your cutting remarks, coated in loathing.
The whispers get louder, with each passing day
I give them no credence, whatever they say.
Look,  I’m not listening, or watching or feeling,
Or waiting to sample, whatever you’re dealing.
I simply desire to be left on my own,
To do as I please,  but do it alone.
Nothing you say, and nothing you do
Can take the great gift, of my solitude!.
Was that less than ten words, or just a few more?
I bade him farewell, and slipped out the door.


, Shrink, deceit, misconception solitude

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