Why do little girls all yearn to be princesses?.

For my daughters.

Why do little girls, all yearn to be princesses?.
Trying out mums lipstick, and borrowing their dresses.
My youngest daughter loves nothing more
than wearing her tiara.
Carefully placing it on her head
and adorning it with flowers.
I love to watch her prance around,
wearing  her glass slippers.
Glad if she remembers, to wear a pair of knickers!.
Both my daughters make a throne, using all my cushions
But to decide who gets the throne, involves a lot of pushing!.
They act out scenes, the both of them, as if up on the stage
I sometimes wonder if their script, is missing the odd page!.
Their latest play saw my youngest locked up in the tower.
My eldest daughter left her there, and went off to take a shower!.
I very much doubt, the two of them could ever rule a nation
It wouldn’t take long for their subjects, to start pleading for salvation!.
They love to adopt a regal air, a somber tone of voice
Obey their commands is what I do, they don’t give me a choice!.
My eldest is studying Henry the eight, and all six of his wives
Regaling me with gruesome tales, of how all of them died!.
My youngest is still far too young, to be studying such things
Her interest lies in dressing up in pretty fairy wings.
I find myself lost in awe of their imagination,
Totally enthralled, awash with admiration.
My daughters make me very proud, I love them both so much
Even when they’re arguing, or kicking up a fuss.
They will always be my princesses, the loveliest ever seen
And seeing as I am their mum, then that makes me the queen!!.


This poem is dedicated to my two wonderful daughters Isabella and Angelina, in recognition
Of the joy and love they bring to my life.

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